Taco Bell Black Bean Chalupa Supreme

Taco Bell Black Bean Chalupa Supreme

Ah, the Black Bean Chalupa Supreme. It’s not just a menu item, it’s an enigma wrapped in a crispy, flaky flatbread shell. A symphony of textures and flavors dancing on your taste buds, it’s no wonder this vegetarian masterpiece reigns supreme amongst Taco Bell’s savory menu delights.

Taco Bell Black Bean Chalupa Supreme

But what exactly makes it tick? Let’s peel back the layers (pun intended) and discover why this chalupa deserves a standing ovation:

Textural Tango:

  • Crispy shell meets creamy black beans, reduced-fat sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, and a three-cheese blend.
  • A delightful textural dance that keeps your taste buds wanting more.

Flavor Fireworks:

  • Earthy black beans take the spotlight, complemented by tangy sour cream, juicy tomatoes, and crunchy lettuce.
  • The creamy trio of cheeses adds a magical touch to every bite.

Fueling Your Fiesta:

  • Nutritional powerhouse with around 470 calories, packed with protein, fiber, and good fats.
  • Opt for reduced-fat sour cream for guilt-free enjoyment.

Customization Cravings:

  • Adaptable canvas—add hot sauce, and jalapenos, or grill up chicken or steak for extra flavor.
  • Swap beans for seasoned beef or shredded chicken to create your masterpiece.

Vegetarian’s Victory Lap:

  • A beacon of hope for herbivores and vegans.
  • Proves that meat-free doesn’t mean flavor-free, offering a satisfying and delightful alternative.

Reviews Rave, Reviews Reign:

The internet hums with praise for this vegetarian icon. Food bloggers gush about its crispy-creamy perfection, while everyday heroes sing its praises as a light yet filling lunch option. Sure, some might find it a tad greasy, but hey, that’s just the siren song of deliciousness calling your name.

DIY Chalupa Shells:

  • Frying the dough: This method requires making your dough, which can be fun but also time-consuming. Try searching for “fried flatbread dough recipe” or specifically “chalupa dough recipe” online. Once you have the dough, fry it in hot oil until golden brown and crispy. It’s important to get the right shape and thickness for the shell.
  • Baking tortillas: This is a simpler alternative. Use store-bought corn tortillas and flatten them slightly. Brush them with oil and bake them in a preheated oven until they’re crispy and slightly browned. Be careful not to over-bake them, or they’ll crack.

Black Bean Filling:

  • Taco seasoning: Grab a taco seasoning packet from the store or find a homemade taco seasoning recipe online. Combine seasoned black beans with the taco seasoning mix for a classic Taco Bell flavor.
  • Get creative: Add other ingredients to your black bean filling for more depth of flavor. Diced onions, peppers, corn, jalapenos, and chopped cilantro are all good options. You can also experiment with different spices like cumin, chili powder, and smoked paprika.


  • Keep it simple: The traditional Black Bean Chalupa Supreme uses reduced-fat sour cream, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, and a three-cheese blend. You can find all of these at the grocery store.
  • Go beyond the basics: If you’d like, you can add other toppings like guacamole, hot sauce, pico de gallo, or pickled onions for a more personalized touch.

Putting it together:

Once you have your chalupa shell, black bean filling, and toppings, assemble your DIY Black Bean Chalupa Supreme! Spread the black bean filling on the shell, top it with your favorite toppings, and enjoy!

Remember, there’s no one “perfect” recipe for replicating the Taco Bell Black Bean Chalupa Supreme. Have fun experimenting with different ingredients and methods to find what you like best!

Nutrition Facts

Item Amount Unit %DV
Calories 340 calories 23%
Total Fat 18 grams 23%
Saturated Fat 4 grams 20%
Trans Fat 0 grams 0%
Cholesterol 10 milligrams 3%
Sodium 460 milligrams 20%
Total Carbohydrates 36 grams 13%
Dietary Fiber 6 grams 21%
Sugars 4 grams N/A
Protein 10 grams N/A



Taco Bell Black Bean Chalupa Supreme price $4.59

Taco Bell Black Bean Chalupa Supreme price


So, the next time you find yourself craving a savory menu delight that tantalizes your taste buds and tickles your tummy, skip the usual suspects and give the Black Bean Chalupa Supreme a whirl. You might just discover your new vegetarian (or even non-vegetarian) obsession. Just be warned, one bite and you’ll be saying “Chalupa? Supremely CHALUPElicious!”


What is the Black Bean Chalupa Supreme?

The Black Bean Chalupa Supreme is a vegetarian/vegan fast food dish offered by Taco Bell. It consists of a deep-fried flatbread shell filled with seasoned black beans, reduced-fat sour cream, shredded lettuce, and a three-cheese blend. It’s available for a limited time on the digital-only Veggie Cravings Menu at participating locations.

Is the Black Bean Chalupa Supreme vegan?

The Black Bean Chalupa Supreme is technically vegetarian, as it contains dairy in the form of cheese and sour cream. However, it can be made vegan by requesting it without those ingredients. Just be sure to let the cashier know that you’re ordering it vegan so they can take the necessary precautions to avoid cross-contamination with meat products.

What are the ingredients in the Black Bean Chalupa Supreme?

The Black Bean Chalupa Supreme includes the following ingredients:

  • Deep-fried flatbread shell
  • Seasoned black beans
  • Reduced-fat sour cream (can be omitted for a vegan option)
  • Shredded lettuce
  • Three-cheese blend (can be omitted for a vegan option)

How much does the Black Bean Chalupa Supreme cost?

The price of the Black Bean Chalupa Supreme may vary depending on location, but it’s typically around $4.59

Where can I buy the Black Bean Chalupa Supreme?

The Black Bean Chalupa Supreme is available for a limited time at participating Taco Bell locations. You can order it online or through the Taco Bell app.

Is the Black Bean Chalupa Supreme healthy?

The Black Bean Chalupa Supreme is not a particularly healthy food choice, as it is high in calories, fat, and sodium. However, it is a good source of protein and fiber. If you’re looking for a healthier option, you can try ordering it without the cheese and sour cream, or you can try one of Taco Bell’s other vegetarian/vegan menu items, such as the Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme or the Veggie Power Menu Bowl.


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