How much is a Chicken Quesadilla at Taco Bell?

How much is a Chicken Quesadilla at Taco Bell?

Craving a delicious Chicken Quesadilla from Taco Bell but wondering about the cost? You’re not alone! As of July 2023, the price of a Chicken Quesadilla at Taco Bell is subject to variations based on location and ongoing promotions. In this blog post, we’ll explore the current pricing information from different sources, shedding light on the range of prices you might encounter while satisfying your hunger for this delectable treat.

How much is a Chicken Quesadilla at Taco Bell

The Taco Bell Website: $4.89

According to the official Taco Bell website, the standard price for a Chicken Quesadilla is $4.89. This price point serves as a general reference for customers, but it’s important to keep in mind that the actual cost may differ based on where you visit a Taco Bell location.

Alternate Source: $4.69

Interestingly, an alternative source presents a slightly lower price for the Chicken Quesadilla at Taco Bell. According to this source, you might find the savory delight priced at $4.69. While the difference may not seem significant, every penny counts, especially for those who savor their favorite fast-food meals regularly.

Chicken Quesadilla Combo: $7.69

Beyond the standalone option, Taco Bell also offers a Chicken Quesadilla Combo, which includes a large fountain drink, a Chicken Quesadilla, and a Crunchy Taco. This combo meal is priced at $7.69. If you’re looking to quench your thirst and enjoy a crunchy taco alongside your quesadilla, this combo could be an appealing choice.

Factors Affecting Price Variations

The variations in Chicken Quesadilla prices at Taco Bell can be attributed to several factors. Regional differences, varying operating costs, and local market conditions play a significant role in determining the menu prices at different locations. Additionally, promotional offers and seasonal discounts might also influence the final cost you encounter.

Keep in Mind

These prices are accurate as of July 2023. However, given the dynamic nature of the fast-food industry, prices can change over time. Always check the latest prices at your local Taco Bell before placing your order to ensure accuracy.


The mouthwatering Chicken Quesadilla at Taco Bell is undeniably a crowd-pleaser, and its price varies depending on the location and ongoing promotions. As of July 2023, you can expect to find the Chicken Quesadilla priced at around $4.89 as per the official Taco Bell website or possibly lower at $4.69 from alternative sources. For those seeking a more filling experience, the Chicken Quesadilla Combo, including a large fountain drink and a Crunchy Taco, is available for $7.69.

Remember, these prices are subject to change, and local variations may apply. Whether you’re a long-time fan or trying the Chicken Quesadilla for the first time, don’t forget to savor every flavorful bite and enjoy the Taco Bell experience!


How big is a Chicken Quesadilla at Taco Bell?

The size of a Chicken Quesadilla at Taco Bell is typically around 10 inches in diameter.

Does Taco Bell have chicken quesadillas?

Yes, Taco Bell does offer Chicken Quesadillas on its menu.

What comes on Taco Bell Chicken Quesadilla?

The standard Chicken Quesadilla at Taco Bell is made with grilled chicken, a three-cheese blend, and creamy jalapeƱo sauce, all wrapped in a soft flour tortilla.

How many calories is 1 Taco Bell quesadilla?

The number of calories in a Taco Bell quesadilla can vary depending on the specific ingredients and variations. However, on average, a regular Chicken Quesadilla at Taco Bell contains approximately 520 calories.



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