What time does Taco Bell close on Sunday?

What time does Taco Bell close on Sunday?

Are you in the mood for some late-night Taco Bell deliciousness on a Sunday? You’re not alone! Navigating Taco Bell’s closing hours on Sundays can sometimes be a bit tricky due to variations in different locations and seasonal changes. To help you curb those cravings without any surprises, let’s delve into the closing times for select Taco Bell outlets on Sundays.

What time does Taco Bell close on Sunday?

Taco Bell Sunday Hours:

  • 4720 Socastee Blvd: If you’re near 4720 Socastee Blvd, you’re in luck! This Taco Bell location keeps its doors open until 1:00 AM on Sundays. Yes, you read that right – you have until the early hours of the morning to indulge in your favorite Crunchwrap Supreme or Cheesy Gordita Crunch.
  • 1050 Glenforest Rd: If you’re closer to 1050 Glenforest Rd, you’ll still have an opportunity to savor your Taco Bell fix. This branch remains operational until 10:00 PM on Sundays. It’s an ideal spot for a leisurely late lunch or an early dinner, helping you wrap up your weekend on a satisfying note.
  • 4306 River Oaks Drive: Craving a late-night snack and not in proximity to the previous locations? Make your way to 4306 River Oaks Drive, where Taco Bell caters to customers until 10:00 PM on Sundays. You’ll have ample time to indulge in an array of Mexican-inspired dishes.

Keep in Mind:

It’s important to note that Taco Bell’s closing times on Sundays can vary based on the location and the time of year. While the information provided above offers insights into specific closing times, it’s always prudent to double-check before making plans. Local events, holidays, and staffing situations can occasionally impact these hours.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on Taco Bell’s operating hours, consider visiting their official website or contacting your local Taco Bell outlet. This way, you can ensure that you won’t miss out on the chance to relish a delectable meal, whether it’s a late-night snack or an early dinner.

In Conclusion:

Taco Bell has your Sunday cravings covered with varying closing times across different locations. Whether you’re up for a late-night adventure or eager to satiate your appetite before the day ends, a Taco Bell branch near you has got you covered. Remember, while the closing times provided here are accurate as of writing, it’s always a good idea to verify the information before heading out to guarantee a tasty and gratifying experience. Enjoy your Taco Bell feast!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What time does Taco Bell serve breakfast?

Typically, breakfast is available until 11:00 AM.

Who is the owner of Taco Bell?

Taco Bell is owned by Yum! Brands.

How many Taco Bell locations exist globally?

Taco Bell boasts over 7,000 locations worldwide.

What exactly is Taco Bell’s red sauce?

Taco Bell’s red sauce is a spicy condiment used in various menu items.


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