How many carbs are in Taco Bell refried beans?

How many carbs are in Taco Bell refried beans?

Taco Bell, an esteemed destination for fast-food enthusiasts, boasts a menu that caters to diverse palates. Amid its offerings, refried beans emerge as a flavorful and versatile side dish. For those conscientious of their carbohydrate intake, exploring the carb content in Taco Bell’s refried beans becomes pivotal. In this article, we embark on a nutritional journey, uncovering the carb content of various Taco Bell refried bean options.

How many carbs are in Taco Bell refried beans?

Taco Bell’s Refried Beans: A Carb-Conscious Perspective

Refried beans, a hallmark of Mexican cuisine, have earned their place on Taco Bell’s menu, adding a protein-rich element to meals. For carb-conscious individuals, grasping the carbohydrate content in refried beans is vital.

Unveiling Carbohydrate Content: A Nutritional Breakdown

Here’s an in-depth look at the carbohydrate content in select Taco Bell refried bean options, based on the latest available information:

Bean Dish Serving Size Carbohydrates (Total) Net Carbohydrates
Side Refried Beans 0.5 cup Approximately 17g N/A
Refried Beans With Cheese, Pintos ‘N Cheese 1 cup Approximately 44.8g Approximately 30.1g


Kindly note that nutritional information may slightly vary based on sources and serving sizes. For precise and detailed data, consulting the official Taco Bell website or contacting your local Taco Bell restaurant is advisable.

Additional Nutritional Insights: Fat and Protein

Beyond carbohydrates, refried beans also contain fats and proteins that contribute to their overall nutritional profile. For instance, Taco Bell’s Side Refried Beans (0.5 cup) provide around 1g of fat and 5g of protein per serving. Similarly, Refried Beans With Cheese and Taco Bell Pintos ‘N Cheese (1 cup) offer approximately 4g of fat and 1g of saturated fat.

Striking Nutritional Balance: A Holistic Approach

Understanding the carbohydrate content in Taco Bell’s refried beans empowers you to make well-informed dietary decisions. As you navigate the menu, consider the equilibrium between carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. These macronutrients collectively shape the nutritional value of your meal.

In Conclusion: Navigating Taco Bell’s Nutritional Realm

Taco Bell’s refried beans cater to carb-conscious individuals seeking a flavorful, protein-rich option. Whether you enjoy them as a side or incorporate them into your meal, remember that nutritional information can vary slightly based on sources and serving sizes.

For accurate and up-to-date nutritional details, we recommend referring to the official Taco Bell website or contacting your local Taco Bell restaurant. With informed choices, you can relish Taco Bell’s diverse flavors while aligning with your dietary preferences and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Refried Beans high in carbs?


How many carbs are in 1/2 cup of Refried Beans?

Typically, around 20-25 grams of carbs.

What is the serving size of Refried Beans at Taco Bell?

Generally, about 1/2 cup.

How many calories do Taco Bell Refried Beans have?

Approximately 80-90 calories per serving.”


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